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Automotive – innovative solutions for the automobiles of tomorrow

The auto industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Manufacturers face multiple challenges. Around the world ever more competitors are entering the market.

At the same time demand for mobility in urban spaces and developing countries is rising, alongside a growing emphasis on efficiency and sustainability. Ever stricter standards and regulations are also playing a role. So completely new solutions are called for. And that’s where we come in.

Numerous innovations are already within reach: Huge advances have been made in e-mobility and connected and autonomous cars. The vehicles of the future will be totally unlike the cars of today. Despite the speed of change, consumers must be able to count on the reliability and safety of the materials and technologies used.

We at thyssenkrupp are facing up to these challenges. As established and reliable partners to the auto industry, our Materials Services, Components Technology, Steel Europe, and Industrial Solutions business areas deliver what producers need to build safe and sustainable cars – from materials and high-quality components to complete production lines.

thyssenkrupp assembles the rear axis dreive module for the smart in Hambach, France.
thyssenkrupp System Engineering is worldwide system partner for the automotive industry – for all key components in the car body and powertrain process chains.

Flexible manufacturing processes are the key to precision and quality. Our business areas use innovative methods and materials to improve their products and services – over and over again. One example is InCar®plus: With this program we developed over 40 innovative solutions to make cars lighter, safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. And we also reduced costs by up to ten percent and weight by up to 60 percent.

Whether for the production of cars or trucks, when customers need a reliable partner they know they can count on the support and expertise of thyssenkrupp.