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Chemicals – higher efficiency, lower emissions

We have always made it our challenge to develop cost-efficient and sustainable solutions for the production and processing of chemicals. In times of highly volatile raw material prices and ever tighter environmental regulations it’s a challenge that is gaining increasing importance.

In the chemical industry around the world, demand for efficient plants and processes is growing all the time. Our Industrial Solutions and Materials Services business areas have been developing solutions to meet these requirements for many years, always working closely together with customers

EnviNOx® is a good example. This is a process we developed to reduce emissions of “laughing gas” and other harmful nitrogen oxides in the production of nitric acid. It also reduces carbon impact. EnviNOx® plants lower emissions worldwide by some twelve million tons per year, equivalent to the emissions of around 4.3 million cars.

EnviNOx® plant in Linz, Austria
The EnviNOx® process developed by thyssenkrupp uses a special catalyst to convert the laughing gas (N2O) and NOx generated during the production of nitric acid into nitrogen, oxygen and water.

As a leading supplier of fertilizer plants we are currently setting new standards in the USA. In Donaldsville/Louisiana and Port Neal/Iowa two fertilizer plants are being built effectively in parallel for the same customer. Our engineers around the globe are working on this project in an over 800-strong taskforce. For example a process column weighing over 750 tons was designed in Germany and India and manufactured in China before being shipped to the US.

No matter which branch of the chemical industry our customers belong to – we at thyssenkrupp have the engineering expertise to support them in the design and construction of efficient chemical, refinery, and other industrial plants.